Titles From This Series
Kairos: The Last Gods
Kairos: Legacy of Hades
Kairos: War of the Pantheon: A Greek Myth LitRPG
Release Date:April 12, 2022
Format:Single Narration
Series Duration:59 hr, 39 min

The old gods are dead. Their thrones are empty. 

It's been centuries since mortals unlocked the secrets of the Fate System and overthrew Mount Olympus. Kairos, a young pirate with the ability to speak with animals, has an ambition: to ascend as the newest deity of a flooded world. But divine power is not given. It is taken.Now Kairos must sail the endless sea, tame fearsome monsters, and conquer new lands. The challenges are many, but he will face them all. For Kairos is a cunning [Rogue] indeed...Experience the start of a LitRPG Epic loaded with Greek mythology and pirate-themed adventure. Grab your copy today!

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