Ruinland Ranger

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Framework of the Frontier
Pretender Gods
Release Date:January 5, 2021
Format:Duet Narration
Series Duration:24 hr, 51 min

Monster girls, divine magic, and a frontier of dungeons to tame.

William Adams hoped to escape his dead-end life by reconnecting with estranged friends. They died when a floating cuboid interrupted the gaming night and vaporized everyone. Waking with powers reminiscent of his paladin character, William finds himself alone in a fantasy frontier of dungeoneers, desperadoes, and damsels of the monster girl varieties.  Set on reuniting with his friends, William accepts the duties of a Frontier Ranger. Unfortunately, the job is a ticket to a lifetime of trouble.  Local ruffians, a laser golem-infested dungeon, and enemies from the deep seas force the former mall cop to stretch his magic of divine blessings to its limits. Thankfully, William has a nerdy faun archeologist and a psychic aboleth princess by his side. Together they explore the hidden mysteries of the Cursed Frontier.  _Ruinland Ranger contains explicit engagements between a monster girl harem and the main character. _

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