Sugar Sands

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My Favorite Dish
My Worst Best Mistake
Release Date:July 19, 2022
Series Duration:20 hr, 13 min

Running away from a disaster of a divorce? Starting my life over from scratch? My friends and family have ideas.

"Open an artists’ colony on a beautiful coastal island," they said. "It’ll be fun," they said. They haven’t met Sawyer Hendricks, the gorgeous, growly celebrity chef who claims he owns the dream hotel that I just inherited._ They_ haven’t been terrorized by a flock of foul-mouthed feral parrots.They haven’t run smack up against a cranky gang of geriatric islanders who will stop at nothing to ensure that life on Rocky Shoals never changes. They haven't surprised Sawyer in his birthday suit in the foyer of what should be an empty mansion. Then again, they haven’t experienced what it feels like to be kissed by a man who has a Ph.D. in giving lip service. They haven’t been spoon fed tiramisu by moonlight. So, maybe they're on to something after all…or maybe this whole escapade is just a recipe for disaster.

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