Empire Builder

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Empire Builder: Breed, Populate, Conquer
Empire Builder 2: Breed, Populate, Conquer
Empire Builder 3: Breed, Populate, Conquer
Empire Builder 4
Performed By:Tess Irondale
Release Date:October 26, 2021
Format:Single Narration
Series Duration:42 hr, 4 min

Breed, populate, conquer.

When Benjamin's latest conquest revealed herself to be from another world, he couldn't believe it. But her crazy revelations didn't stop there. She said that Benjamin was the reincarnation of the Forgotten Ruler, a supreme being with an empire that once spanned an entire continent. Now, he's traveling to that fantasy world with one goal in mind: rebuilding his empire, one monstrous offspring at a time. Move over Sauron, Benjamin Davies is the next dark lord of fantasy.

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