Soul Force Saga

Titles From This Series
Darkness Rising
Raging Sea and Trembling Earth
Harvest of Souls
Dreaming in the Dark
On Blackened Wings
Performed By:Vikas Adam
Release Date:January 17, 2017
Format:Single Narration
Series Duration:57 hr, 47 min

Damien St. Cloud is a failure.

Born with the most powerful soul force anyone has ever seen, he can't get it to work. The next in a long line of warlords, Damien is a disappointment to his legendary father and a weakling compared to his perfect sister. Everything changes when a visiting sorcerer proclaims Damien isn't a warlord at all but a sorcerer! Damien is thrust into a world of magic and intrigue, war and death. Behind the scenes a dark and ancient evil is rising once more, intent on destroying everything Damien cares about. Can Damien, along with his sister and allies, expose this evil and save the kingdom? The Darkness is rising. Who will survive?

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