A Chris Collins CIA Thriller

Titles From This Series
Capitol Break
Shanghai Crossfire
Sahara Dawn
Release Date:December 8, 2020
Format:Single Narration
Series Duration:20 hr, 28 min

Could you save the world if your world was falling apart?

Chris Collins is a CIA deputy director with a history of rogue missions. He's lost his wife, his career, and maybe his friends...but there are new "friends" around every corner. And along with the new friends, some powerful new enemies. On a bitterly cold night in Washington DC, Chris Collins is heading home to open his favorite bottle of red, when his past walks right by him. A day later, his world falls apart. But he has no time to feel sorry for himself, as he soon realizes that evil forces are at work on an international scale and his country is under attack from within. There's a job to be done. In the midst of a personal crisis, he embarks on a global journey that takes him from the rugged coast of Ireland through the heart of Europe to the shimmering deserts of Morocco. He gets more than a little help from the mysterious stranger who keeps showing up in his life, but will it be enough to save innocent lives and bring some of the world's most powerful people to justice? _Includes "Rogue Enemy", a bonus story from the Chris Collins CIA Thriller series. _

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