Ascension Gate

Titles From This Series
Ascension Gate: Publisher's Pack
Ascension Gate: Publisher's Pack 2
Release Date:March 31, 2020
Series Duration:26 hr, 37 min

Contains books one and two of the Ascension Gate series.

A gateway to the stars. A colonization mission gone wrong. The Marines hold the fate of our universe in their hands. It was supposed to be a peaceful exploration, Earth's first step in expanding to the stars. But, no plan survives first contact. Thrown into a battle for survival against the deadliest threats imaginable, the Marines must contend with ice and desert planets with mysterious creatures, along with a history of turmoil that threatens to spill over to Earth if not checked. Meanwhile, a genetically-engineered threat rises on Earth - one that holds the secret to this intergalactic war. Will our heroes in space survive long enough to make a difference? Can Earth's forces solve the mystery and put the pieces together in time? They damn well better hurry, or an ancient, long-forgotten enemy will gain an unassailable foothold in their control of the universe and all within.

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