The Genesis Machine

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Release Date:March 5, 2024
Format:Single Narration
Series Duration:16 hr, 46 min

Aliens have arrived... and this isn’t the first time.

When expert Navy linguist and cryptographer Charlie Cutter is recruited into a shadowy wing of the NCIS, she’s tasked with unraveling a mysterious ancient text that has puzzled researchers for centuries. Charlie isn’t eager to revisit her previous failures... but when she discovers the same strange language in top-secret photographs, she finds herself roped into a job that could make or break her young career. After a strange pod crashes to Earth during a violent storm, Charlie and her small team uncover an incredible truth: aliens have landed on Earth—and not for the first time. Catapulted into a thrilling mystery that will carry them from the political swamps of D.C. to the scorching Las Vegas desert, Charlie must race against time to crack the code and save humanity from a possible alien invasion. Surrounded by a web of secrets and lies, Charlie struggles to track down the origin of the pods—and unmask the hidden motives of their extra-terrestrial visitors. The mystery stretches back centuries... and it leads Charlie to a shocking revelation that will change everything. Dive into a riveting technothriller that blends high-octane sci-fi with shadowy government organizations and desperate researchers fighting to unravel an extra-terrestrial mystery. The Genesis Machine is a compelling listen perfect for fans of William Gibson and A.G. Riddle.

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