War's Edge: Berserkers

Titles From This Series
Magnificent Bastards
Death Dealers
War Whore
Pound of Flesh
Metal Fury
Crimson Snow
Release Date:January 23, 2024
Format:Single Narration
Series Duration:53 hr, 42 min

Desol… Most Berserkers have never heard of the tiny planetoid, a barren and inhospitable wasteland on the edge of the outer rim.

The platoon of tankers stationed there wished they’d never seen the place. Hostile miners resent the Berserkers' presence, and the bored troopers have nothing to do but drink and fight. Corporal Jake Murray is one of the best gravtank commanders in the Berserkers, but he’s also an undisciplined, unrepentant troublemaker. Banished to Desol for insubordination, Murray finds himself surrounded by a host of similar malcontents and burnouts, counting down the final days of their contract. Desperate for action, Corporal Murray just wants to get in his tank and kill something, only there’s nothing to shoot. That all changes when workers at a remote drill site fail to report in. Sent to investigate, Murray and his comrades find themselves pitted against a horrific enemy the likes none of them have ever encountered. Facing a gigantic swarm of alien creatures that threaten to annihilate the entire settlement, the mercenaries find themselves fighting for more than just credits. Part of the Berserkers series, Magnificent Bastards is a thrilling standalone novel set in the gritty War's Edge universe. Intended for mature listeners.

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