Phases of the Moon

Titles From This Series
Lunar Witch
Release Date:October 8, 2024
Series Duration:9 hr, 11 min

No man will ever own me again.

A simple promise I made to myself after escaping a brutal childhood of abuse and being trained to enact violence on unblessed witches. Since that moment, I’ve managed to survive on the streets by successfully pickpocketing. Unfortunately, after years of hiding, the monster who stars in all my nightmares is closer than ever, and I’m faced with only one option—to seek refuge at the Dark Imaginarium Academy. The Academy is filled with the elite witches of our society. I should have expected I’d run into some of my previous targets. Normally, that wouldn’t be a problem—it’s not like they know I stole from them—except for my last hit. What I stole from him is something I’ll never forget because it’s literally embedded in my chest. Yeah, he’s a bit upset about that one—as in acting absolutely psychotic. Except he's not the only one... A blood witch who has an addiction to my taste. A lunar witch who takes pleasure in trying to scare me into submission. An unblessed that wants to dissect me, literally. A shadow witch that relishes in marking up my body to show ownership. These men want to claim me, own me and the treasure I now possess, but I’ll never break the promise I made to myself. When my past follows me right into the place I consider a safe haven, I find that these psychos may be the exact key to getting rid of my problem forever. The only catch? These men are convinced that I've never experienced the type of horror required for that to happen, that they have to protect me from it. What they don’t realize? Killing leaves a stain on the soul, and mine is pitch black. Lunar Witch is book one in the Phases of the Moon series, set within the shared universe of Dark Imaginarium Academy. All series can be listened to independently, but characters have crossovers, and it is highly encouraged to listen to all books within the universe to understand the world in its entirety. Intended for mature listeners.

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