Remingtons of the Regency

Titles From This Series
The Mystery of the Debonair Duke
The Secret of the Dashing Detective
The Clue of the Brilliant Bastard
The Quest of the Reclusive Rogue
Release Date:May 2, 2023
Series Duration:27 hr, 59 min

There was one man Lady Emma vowed she would never marry: the rakish Duke of Warwick—brother to her very best friend.

But one chance encounter on a balcony has Lady Emma questioning all she ever believed about the duke. When her friend—and the duke’s sister—is abducted, they must work together to find her and determine who has been threatening the Remington family. Since his father’s murder, Giles, the new Duke of Warwick, has been trying to right his father’s wrongs and discover who is threatening them. He is also searching for the perfect wife to improve his family’s reputation—a wife who could never be the outspoken Lady Emma, who prefers to spend her time digging in the gardens. As the secrets and mysteries surrounding the family deepen, Giles and Emma find their lives intertwine more closely than ever before. Until one fateful act leaves them one choice—love or ruination.

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