The Woods

Titles From This Series
Frisco: Welcome to the Woods
Foxx: Welcome to the Woods
Release Date:December 19, 2023
Series Duration:26 hr, 39 min

“You’ll know them. They have the letter ‘M’ branded on them like cattle.” - Henry Melvin

Since Yakima’s been able to date, her detective father has reminded her of the type of men to steer clear of. At twenty-seven, she’s done just that until one night of partying and a botched raid lead her into the house of mob boss Francisco Matisse. Calm, cool, and collected are frequent words used to describe Francisco "Frisco" Matisse. His main focus is business, and everything else, including his relationship with his longtime girlfriend, Alyce Smalls, comes afterward. In a hostile takeover gone wrong, Frisco schemes his way into Yakima’s life, proving to his adversaries that his reach is far. Despite her skepticism, Yakima gives Frisco a chance. As their relationship intensifies, he realizes he's in too deep to pull himself out. In a twisted turn of events, his scheme backfires, putting everyone involved at deadly risk. What was meant to be strictly business turns into something deeper, faster than he expected. With Alyce in his ear, Yakima in his heart, and people trying to threaten his empire, his back is against the wall. When Frisco’s secrets are threatened to be unveiled before he can reveal them himself, he must decide where his love and loyalty lie. Will it be with the woman who's been in his life or the woman who has his heart?

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