Station Company Core: Detain and Extract

Titles From This Series
Station Company Core: Monster Hunter - Interns
Station Company Core: Monster Hunter - Freelancers
Release Date:April 25, 2023
Format:Single Narration
Series Duration:23 hr, 16 min

Everyone has their secrets.

Light years from home, an off-the-books corporate mission beyond the boundary goes horribly wrong, and the crew’s starship crashes onto an alien world that shouldn’t exist. To make matters worse, they trigger an ominous light that appears in the sky, and provoke the native wildlife. Though saved from disaster, the survivors learn they’ve moved out of the frying pan and into the fire. "Safe and secure," the stranded crew find themselves the newest shareholders aboard an old space station controlled by an intelligence keen on reviving a long derelict company. As a team, they’re forced to accept their new identities as the only intern workers aboard the station and take on its numerous quests while searching for a way home—or risk defaulting on their newly acquired debt and becoming fabricator food or indentured servants. But first, they need to get the station working again. Among the crew is Sky: a young woman who has been chasing a mystery surrounding her sister her whole life and thinks this off-the-books mission is the lead she’s been looking for. Sky’s investigation heats up, revealing a situation worse than she ever could have imagined. To protect themselves and uncover the mysteries of the station, everyone must give 110%. There is no better time than now, no better place to be, and no home like your home away from home. Giving up is not an option. Without resources, not only will the survivors perish, but the future of humanity could be at risk. After all, here on the Goldenrod Space Station, everyone is family, and family sticks together until the very end.

Station Protocols regarding A-)!^&~(-*: 1. Bag and Tag. 2. Never in the head. 3. Any unnecessary damage will be subtracted from pay. 4. When overwhelmed, remember to equip your (not company-provided) shield, available for;&&;)> at any kiosk. 5. Beware of teeth. 6. Have all insurance policies in order—remember, space is expensive! STATION IS NOT LIABLE FOR ANY INJURIES RELATED TO –)@!^&~(- ENCOUNTERS — THIS INCLUDES BITES, SCRATCHES, TORN LIMBS, IMPREGNATION, CROSS-HYBRIDIZATION, RADIATION, POISON, LOSS OF EYESIGHT, SUFFOCATION, STERILIZATION, AND/OR HAIR LOSS. And remember, we’re all family.

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