Blake Larsen

Titles From This Series
In the Dark
She Lies Here
Among the Pines
Release Date:September 19, 2023
Format:Single Narration
Series Duration:28 hr, 54 min

The body count is rising in Northern Pines...

Tragedy has stalked Blake Larsen her entire life. After the violent death of her parents leaves her orphaned, her Green Beret brother Caleb is all she has left. He was there the day she graduated high school and the first person she called after she became a federal agent. Then the cops find him swinging from the rafters. The horrific discovery pushes Blake to the edge of despair. Then one of Caleb's closest friends is violently murdered outside her front door—and the killer snatches a folder from his dying fingers. It's clear Kyle was silenced moments before coming clean. After detectives slow-walk their investigation, Blake resolves to uncover the truth. Her way. Blake teams up with Ryan Walker, another of Caleb's former comrades-in-arms. As they grow more and more entangled in the dark, intimate underworld of Northern Pines, they learn how far the killers will go to keep a small town’s secrets buried. For years they've silenced victims and police alike through murder, corruption, and intimidation. For Blake, this is personal. If the cops won't deliver justice, she will.

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