The Whales of Time

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Ryan in UnWonderland
Release Date:March 12, 2024
Format:Single Narration
Series Duration:7 hr, 34 min

Jon Ryan has some unfinished business. Lots of unfinished business, in fact.

Since he caused the universe to reboot, well, he can't seem to find his wife of two billion years. That's one great big oops. He also can't find the massive time ship_ Aramthella _and her human crew. Double oops. And then there's the matter of not knowing whey why there are several copies of key people in the new reality he must navigate. Triple oops. He actually knows one whole heck of a lot less about his current situation than seems healthy. But he's Jon Ryan, former fighter pilot turned android warrior for humankind. All things considered, he's not too worried, so don't you be either. Even before Jon can begin to resolve the stack of woes he's already got, he and the much younger version of him both start receiving dream-based cries for help from a previously unknown leviathan species. Why can't people just pick up the phone and call nowadays? Just as the Jons learn of this call to action, they begin to come under fire from some mysterious energy bursts, barely escaping with their lives. It would seem someone objects to their involvement in the hunting of the behemoths of time. Turns out that if you're a Jon Ryan, nothing is simple, and nothing is ever straightforward. Oh, bother. Can the elder Jon find his lost mate? Will either Jon live long enough to even find the space whales in distress? And can anyone alive figure out why the universe rebooted in the first place? I mean, it's not your everyday occurrence... is it? So many questions... so many Jons. Bumps in the road seem likely. Join the Jon Ryans and their team—Toño ... er, the other Toño, a couple of Sapales, and one each of Miguel Cervantes, his flaky wife Dominica, and Dontiqui. Remember her? She's the Kaljaxian rebel leader who died saving Jon and Sapale way back when. Yeah, this story's complicated. But it's also a screaming blast! Join up, join in, and revel in the fun as the Ryanverse expands faster than might be allowed by either reason or science!

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