Maze of Shadows

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The Unseelie Prince
The Unseelie Crown
The Unseelie Throne
The Unseelie King
Release Date:April 5, 2022
Format:Single Narration
Series Duration:38 hr, 35 min

The throne is Valroy's for the taking...but first, he needs a queen.

As the son of the Morrigan and heir to the vacant Unseelie throne, Valroy itches to shed the mantle of prince and take his place as king. To his great regret one ancient tradition stands in his way, demanding he first take a bride. With all the members of the Unseelie court proving to be insufferable, what is a prince to do? Steal a human, of course. Abigail often wonders if the townsfolk aren't right in calling her cursed. Abandoned by her husband and with no family to call her own, everything in her life hangs by a thread. Never did she expect her downfall would come by taking pity on an old hermit. Abducted into the dangerous world of Tir n'Aill, Abigail is thrust into a terrifying Maze that defies all logic. There, she finds herself at the mercy of an Unseelie prince with a strange offer”solve his Maze and he'll grant her deepest wish.... If she can live that long. From author Kathryn Ann Kingsley comes this tantalizing slow-burn dark fantasy that proves sometimes the line between love and hate is razor-thin.

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