Kings of Kilborn University

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Soulless Saint
Release Date:December 12, 2023
Series Duration:9 hr, 2 min

Dominant. Dangerous. Obsessed.

After Dad cut me off, it was time to start over, far away from my past. New city. New university. New life. A whole new me. Too bad _they _seem hellbent on ruining my plans. The Kings of Kilborn have set their sights on me, threatening to ruin everything I’ve built for myself. Kaleb is the broken prince, drowning himself in booze and women to fill the dark void within. Hardin is his quietly menacing older brother, with an intense stare that follows me wherever I go. Despised. Desired. Stalked. I try to hate them, but their unyielding attention and rough touches make me feel so alive. Even more dangerous to me than the Kings of Kilborn is their father… and the secret that could destroy us all. Soulless Saint is a dark enemies-to-lovers why-choose romance, meaning the main character will have more than one love interest. Intended for mature listeners.

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