Titles From This Series
Glory: Humanity's Last Hope
Glory: Humanity Fights Back
Glory: Humanity's Warriors
Release Date:May 9, 2023
Format:Single Narration
Series Duration:44 hr, 29 min

One last chance for _Glory. _One last hope for humanity.

Glory barely survived its last battle twenty years ago. Captain Drake resigned rather than face court martial. But the enemy is back, and humanity needs everything that can fly. Maybe it’s not the ship at all but the crew. They hold the key. Drake rallies old and young alike to comply with orders so secret even he wasn’t allowed to see them until after the ship left the junkyard. Would it leave? That was another question. The core hadn’t been fired in twenty years. The smell of decay fills the massive ship’s corridors. The stench lingers from the death of Drake’s crew, a nightmare from long ago. The Paragon have weapons that humanity can’t contemplate. But here they are, suing for peace. The people of Earth jump at the carrot. The end of war! Could it be too good to be true? Drake has his orders from an admiral who knows too much. Glory must launch, and with it, the fate of humanity rests on the shoulders of a broken crew, carrying a weapon like no other, hoping for one clear shot.

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