The Immortal Crown Saga

Titles From This Series
The Vampire King
The Blood Queen
The Heart Mage
Release Date:November 28, 2023
Series Duration:27 hr, 16 min

As a human domina, Camille's only purpose in life is to birth vampire children for the powerful Quiet King_._

Trapped within the castle walls under strict rules and constant surveillance by guards, Camille has spent the last two years witnessing the brutal slaughter of innocent babies and insurmountable atrocities against other women. Camille decides to take matters into her own hands and plans to escape with the help of a vampire Path Finder named Xander, who is known for aiding many humans out of slavery. As Camille and Xander embark on their adventure, she soon discovers that Xander holds secrets that could change their world forever. Together, Camille and Xander navigate a dangerous and thrilling journey filled with romance, mystery, and edge-of-your-seat action.

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