The World of Eternis

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Release Date:November 2, 2021
Format:Single Narration
Series Duration:29 hr, 38 min

Who knew running for your life and getting stabbed to death could be so...good?

As Thomas' life ends, the gods of another world swoop in and grab his soul. What they needed was a champion with the courage and strength to fight against the rising chaos in their world of Eternis. What they got was a college math student who spent more time gaming than he does studying. When they throw him into a new world, in a new body, at least they give him a familiar gaming interface. Or, it would have been familiar, if he hadn't lost his memories from the trauma of his death. Can he sort himself out and rise to the occasion without losing himself to the violence and duplicity that plagues the world of Eternis? Even the gods don't know.

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