Ship Wrecked

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Ship Wrecked II
Ship Wrecked III
Release Date:January 29, 2019
Format:Single Narration
Series Duration:20 hr, 30 min

It was a hard sell, but Cameron had convinced Heather to return to the exoplanet Sang-Morang - where he had hoped they could experience the wonder of this majestic corner of the universe, together.

The spacecraft Primion was flight-ready and the immense creature - the Minal Loth - seemed content to follow him wherever he went. And he still had the old Ford pickup truck, gassed up, and ready to explore more of that alien landscape. But Cameron’s well-intentioned plan turns out to be one of his very worst. No sooner has the_ Primion_ set down on Sang-Morang, than they are ruthlessly attacked. Heather is abducted. The Loth is gone. The _Primion _destroyed. Cameron, once again, is alone and shipwrecked. While Cameron is somewhat accustomed to surviving alone - being self-reliant - Heather has little concept of such things. Forcibly abducted up into space and a prisoner of ill-intentioned beings, she will have to dig deep beyond her limited life experience as a mere hostess at the Drake Café back in Larksburg Stand to confront both her inner and outer demons.  Light years apart, it quickly becomes apparent to them both that there is little hope they will ever see each other again. Soon, they will each be forced to endure their own version of hell - and do so alone.

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