Saints Academy

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Reckless Souls
Damaged Souls
Vicious Souls
Fearless Souls
Heartless Souls
Release Date:October 11, 2022
Series Duration:59 hr, 5 min

I’ve walked the streets of Phoenix Valley for twenty two years knowing exactly who I am: an orphan, a human, a nobody.

Summoned by The Hex to test my humanity, I was prepared to fail, destined to be the same mundane girl… I was wrong. Pandora’s Box called to me, sensing a magic I never knew existed. With my world turned upside down and full of possibilities, I must now call Paradise Heights home. To live amongst supernaturals, attend Saints Academy, and find my place. Curiosity has me willing to give this a try, but the Elites of Saints Academy tempt to distract me, and that’s something I can’t afford. Xander is gruff, Khaos cold, Zen soothing, and Adonis…lives up to his name. Angel, Demon, God, Vampire, Shifter. I could be anything, anyone. I have three years to figure out who I’m meant to be… Let the countdown begin. Saints Academy is a paranormal fantasy reverse harem series.

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