Love in Seattle

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Dear Amelia
Sincerely Yours
Love Always
Truly Yours
Irrevocably in Love
Release Date:March 22, 2022
Series Duration:22 hr, 13 min

Dear Amelia, I love you...

Advice columnist Amelia Reinhardt had been told her entire life that she was destined for greatness. After gracing the cover of a popular magazine that highlights Black professionals, Amelia knew she'd finally made it. Now that her career was taking off, she no longer had an excuse to ignore the storm brewing between her and the man she's known her entire life. Real estate mogul Israel Holloway has worked tirelessly his entire adult life to get to where he wanted to be. So, working hard to get who he wanted to be with was a task he had no problem taking on. Israel longed to be the number one man in his best friend's life, and in an attempt to win her heart, he turns to the one thing he knows will get her attention and keep it. But will it? Signed, someone very close to you. This is book one in a four book series but can be listened to as a stand-alone novel.

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