Jeff the Game Master

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Manufacturing Magic
Manipulating Magic
Mastering Magic
Release Date:May 4, 2021
Format:Single Narration
Series Duration:33 hr, 22 min

Ten million active players. One Game Master.

Infinite Worlds is the most popular VRMMORPG on the market. Its maps are so vast, developer Hard Rock Data utilizes a network of highly advanced artificial intelligences to control it. But it's not without problems. That's why Game Masters like Jeff Driscoll have jobs. The downside? He's not allowed to play the game. Something about conflicts of interest and favoritism. His very boring and tedious job is to help players deal with the occasional bug that slips through the cracks and ensure they enjoy their time playing enough to give a five-star rating. It's a gig. It pays the bills. However, when the AIs unexpectedly issue a rogue patch, the game becomes a buggy mess, and Jeff's role radically changes. He finds himself as the only Game Master around, dealing with more problems than he can handle. It's up to Jeff to return Infinite Worlds to normalcy...but will the AIs let him? Manufacturing Magic is a unique spin on the LitRPG genre, not just providing the perspective of the players but also of one of those mystical, magical, all-powerful GMs we all dream of being. Perfect for fans of Luke Chmilenko, Dakota Krout, and Shemer Kuznits.

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