Titles From This Series
Freshman Drive
Release Date:July 2, 2024
Format:Single Narration
Series Duration:13 hr, 47 min

Deke dreams of a better life, and that means money.

Money and influence like the type earned by those who play at the peak of the sport he loves. The elites of the NBA. A small-town kid from a trailer park in Canada, Deke already had all the odds stacked against him. Even with his slim chances, he got recruited as a scholarship athlete. He joined the University of San Pandero in California and took his first step on his road to the top. He was flying high until he landed wrong. The doctor’s planned recovery time ruined his season. That changed Halloween night when Deke tried to save a teammate. His hobbled flight from the goons beating up Ronnie would change his life forever. The harrowing escape ends when Deke finds an unknown needle sticking out of his leg. Uncovering the syringe, he discovers its contents already injected, and a video game-like message scrolls by with a deadly ultimatum. Deke makes the only choice he can and downs the vial of glowing blue liquid in a single gulp…

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