Starting Line

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Release Date:May 14, 2024
Duration:9 hr, 38 min

Every game begins with a good starting line.

Ethan I’ve been secretly married for eight years. Why is it a secret? Because having an open marriage splashed all over headlines isn’t a good look. We’d constantly be under the spotlight, our lives and relationships judged. That’s not the kind of hockey player I want to be known for, especially because we play for different teams. Although most of my relationships outside of my marriage are passing, I’ve been pining over my best friend and teammate for years. Years! Just as I decide that maybe it’s time to see where this leads, management throws an unexpected play in our faces. It might be over before it begins, and I’m not sure what to do about it. Creed Since the day I was swapped to Buffalo, I’ve been in love with Ethan Wilder. He’s an intense player, breaking records every year. But he’s also fun, sweet, thoughtful, and gorgeous. He’s everyone’s perfect dream. When he tells me he wants to be more than friends, I almost jump him right there in the locker room. Things between us heat up quickly, and I’ve never been happier. Everything is perfect. Except for our starting line. We’ve been through four right wingers in the last three seasons, but no matter who management brings on board, they just don’t gel with me and Ethan. Now they’ve thrown us a trick play that I’m not sure we’re going to be able to work around—on the ice or off. It’s not just the starting line we need to worry about. This complication could put the entire team—and our new relationship—on ice. This is an LGBT+ (MMM) story intended for mature listeners.

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