Apocalypse Station Vol. 1
Apocalypse Station Vol. 1
System Bound - Book 1

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Performed By:Luke Daniels
Release Date:October 10, 2023
Format:Single Narration
Duration:10 hr, 34 min

Asher's ordinary life is shattered when he is suddenly yanked from his daily commute and thrust into a brutal world of monstrous creatures, deadly traps, and the relentless games of the Nexus.

The train station harbors danger. Each day, one portal opens, leading to daunting trials and battles of life and death commanded by masked facilitators. Asher is forced to rely on his instincts and his weapon. He must navigate this treacherous world, both solo and with teams, and contend with other players, each harboring their own motives and ambitions. Confronted with unimaginable challenges, every day unveils a new hurdle, and each victory is bitterly earned. In this world intent on crushing him, Asher must fight to survive. His only hope: become the champion.

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