Royal Watch

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Release Date:October 6, 2020
Format:Single Narration
Duration:9 hr, 0 min

There are many stories about regular girls meeting a prince, falling in love, and living happily ever after...blah, blah, blah. This is not that story.

As a lowly Baron’s daughter, I sit on the outskirts of the noble circle, watching the royal family from afar: exactly where I’d rather be. To me, that world was anything but magical or fantasy. While their lives were under a relentless microscope, controlled by traditions and expectations, I was the girl dreaming about becoming a veterinarian and surrounding myself with animals instead of people.  A wallflower who suddenly bloomed, I somehow nabbed the attention of the arrogant, but undeniably handsome, Theodore Alexander Philip Robert David Livingston. The Prince of Great Victoria. I never imagined falling in love with a prince, but I did.  When Theo comes back from the Royal Air Force with an extremely sexy, but extremely arrogant new bodyguard, Lennox Easton, everything is flipped upside down. Tattooed, mysterious, and cruel, our mutual hatred for each becomes even more complicated when I move into the palace, becoming the official girlfriend of Prince Theo, and now under Lennox’s watch. Thrown into a society which controls my every move, social media viciously coming after me, and paparazzi looking for any juicy gossip, my world becomes a cage. Gilded or not, my life becomes nothing like I imagined. I find myself turning to the very last person I should. When family secrets start to surface from the past, old enemies come for revenge, along with blackmail, forbidden love, and devastating revelations. Everything is set to bring me down and even take my life. I knew loving a prince would come with sacrifices, but when you give up everything...when does the fairy tale become a nightmare?

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