The Truths We Told

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Release Date:March 23, 2021
Duration:7 hr, 17 min

After Kate’s world had shattered into pieces, she pushed everyone away, including Trent, and hid.

She knew she couldn’t hide forever. So, in an effort to move forward, she built castle-strong walls to hide behind, walls that Trent had every intention of tearing down. Embarrassed and ashamed that her secrets were now out in the open, she was reluctant to let Trent back into her life. His refusal to allow her to continue to push him away had her heart shifting in a way she wasn’t prepared for. Trent wasn’t prepared to feel the same shift in his heart either. No matter how hard they tried to resist each other, they eventually gave in to what they knew they could no longer deny. Neither of them could have predicted what would happen next.

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