Blessed Odds
Blessed Odds
Riftborn - Book 2

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Performed By:Matthew Wolf
Release Date:February 21, 2023
Format:Single Narration
Duration:10 hr, 0 min

Lucas Rurik confronts a cult determined to remake the world—no matter the cost—in this urban fantasy noir from the author of the Hellequin Chronicles.

  Lucas Rurik is no stranger to navigating the tricky territory between humans and those touched by the rift. After all, as the last surviving member of the Raven Guild, protecting the peace is his job. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy.   As much as Lucas would like to be out hunting for Dr. Callie Mitchell—a deranged scientist with a bad habit of experimenting on the rift-fused—his friends at the Rift-Crime Unit require his expertise on a perilous case. It seems a mysterious kingpin known as the Croupier has been making some shady deals, and revenants, riftborn, and humans alike are winding up dead in the process. Now, with the help of chained revenant Nadia and FBI-agent-turned-revenant Emily West, it’s up to Lucas to track down the anonymous crime lord before anyone else is hurt.   But as Lucas gets closer to his target, he discovers this is no ordinary manhunt. The Croupier is leading a dangerous group of zealots who want to destroy both the rift and humanity—and they’ll stop at nothing to make their so-called Blessed plans a reality . . .

Praise for The Last Raven “McHugh’s pithy prose energizes the narrative, even when there’s no superpower on display, and builds intrigue with gradual reveals of Lucas’ rift-derived skills and backstory. This slick introductory supernatural tale will leave readers eager for a sequel.” —Kirkus Reviews   “The Last Raven has the appeal of a great action movie. There is a nice mystery, a compelling lead, strong support, and enough adrenaline to leave you with a pleasant high afterward. . . . Eagerly looking forward to the next installment.” —The Cosmic Circus _ _ “If you have a friend who loves both speculative fiction novels and thrillers, this is the perfect gift.” —Medium, “10 Chilling Books for Mystery/Thriller Lovers This Winter”

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