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Release Date:September 19, 2023
Format:Single Narration
Duration:11 hr, 58 min

A chatty ghost. A murderous trapper. Can Andrea keep her own secrets while making a killer give his up without being swept away into the veil forever?

A shooting outside Dewey Sanderson’s nightclub reveals Madeleine is a different kind of ghost when she accompanies archivist Andrea Kelley and her best friend William Taka in their headlong rush to the hospital. While lives hang in the balance, Andrea and Taka are soon on the hunt for a missing state cop. There’s more to his disappearance than they bargained for, and Dewey’s involved. When the forces of West Virginia law enforcement line up against Dewey, Taka becomes the man in the middle, with both sides demanding his loyalty. Andrea discovers Madeleine has already taken sides. She’s attached to Dewey—and desperate to communicate. While a centuries-old ghost brings all his experience and pent-up rage into play to stop her, Andrea’s dogged research to unlock Madeleine’s message takes her down a Sanderson family rabbit hole of haunted places, human skeletons, and suspicious neighbors. Can she learn the truth behind the secrets Dewey and a murderous mountain ghost want to keep forever? Will she survive if she does? Southern Gothic meets small-town murder in this supernatural murder mystery. Wraith is book three in the Archivist series.

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