The Librarian and the Orc
The Librarian and the Orc
Orc Sworn - Book standalone

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Performed By:Shane East
Release Date:December 13, 2022
Format:Single Narration
Duration:17 hr, 35 min

He’s a fierce, ferocious, death-dealing beast. And he’s reading a book in her library...

In a world of recently warring orcs and men, Rosa Rolfe leads a quiet, scholarly life as an impoverished librarian—until the day she finds an orc. In her library. Reading a book. He’s rude, aggressive, and deeply terrifying, with his huge muscled form, sharp black claws, and cold, dismissive commands. But he doesn’t seem truly dangerous…at least, until night falls, when he makes Rosa a shocking, scandalous offer. Her books, for her surrender. Her ecstasy. Her enlightenment… Rosa’s no fool, and she knows she can’t possibly risk her precious library for this brazen, belligerent orc. Even if he is surprisingly well-read. Even if he smells like sweet, heated honey. Even if he makes Rosa’s heart race with fear, and ignites all her deepest, darkest cravings at once… But surrender demands a dangerous, devastating price. A bond that can’t easily be broken. And a breakneck journey to the fearsome, forbidding Orc Mountain, where a curious, clever librarian might be just what’s needed to stop another war… A dark, angsty, full-length fantasy romance. Comes after The Heiress and the Orc, but also reads as a standalone. Happily ever after guaranteed.

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