The Magnificent Cyborg
The Magnificent Cyborg
Cyborgs on Mars - Book 5

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Release Date:January 19, 2021
Duration:5 hr, 57 min

A woman with a troubled past. A cyborg with missing memories.

W-246 is one of the last cyborgs sent to Mars to work on the terraforming project. While he doesn't remember how he became a cyborg, he has accepted his new role as a territorial judge...until he encounters Cherry. He knows he could never forget a woman like her - so why does she seem so familiar? Madam Cherry is through with men. In her experience, they either use her or break her heart or both. Instead, she concentrates on running a successful business and is content taking care of her girls...until she runs into Wyatt. Their brief, passionate marriage ended years ago when he disappeared - killed in the line of duty. Or so she had assumed. Now she finds out that he is very much alive. The fact that he is a cyborg doesn't bother her, but the fact that he doesn't remember her could destroy her. Can Cherry and Wyatt recapture their love in the midst of a budding rebellion, surrounded by dangerous new enemies? Includes The Wyatt and the Rebels, a bonus story from the Cyborgs on Mars series. _Each book in the Cyborg on Mars series can be enjoyed as a stand-alone romance. This sweet and steamy science-fiction romance is intended for mature listeners. _

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