The Invitation

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Performed By:Adam Sims
Release Date:July 9, 2024
Format:Single Narration
Duration:14 hr, 52 min

Five heroes trapped in a horror movie must find their way out—and avoid dying for good—in the second installment of this imaginative LitRPG series.

Since they were lured to the festival at Carousel, Riley (the Film Buff), Antoine (the Athlete), Camden (the Scholar), Anna (the Final Girl), and Kimberly (the Eye Candy) have lived through entire horror movie plots. So far, Riley’s survival strategy is working. He’s high on his Moxie, Hustle, and Savvy stats. But his Mettle and Grit have dropped dangerously low, leaving him vulnerable. If he gets caught by a killer, he’s done for. Plus, no one seems to understand what use Film Buffs are to begin with. What good is knowing the killer is coming if everyone else does too?   Worse, the stakes are only getting higher. Die in a successful storyline and you’ll be back for the next one. But die in the wrong storyline and you won’t come back at all. Because Riley has learned the secret of Carousel: that behind them every step of the way is a man with an ax, there to ensure any wrong storylines are immediately culled. And now Riley’s beginning to think Carousel itself may be talking to him . . .   The second volume of the hit LitRPG horror series—with more than three million views on Royal Road—now available on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and Audible! 

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