On the Honey Side
On the Honey Side
Blum's Bees - Book 2

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Release Date:February 7, 2023
Duration:7 hr, 40 min

No one can ever have Keaton Meyer. Least of all me.

The brooding construction manager is a man of myth and legend, rarely seen in the wild. Once upon a time, he was the star quarterback, the smiling homecoming king, royalty in our small town. Until tragedy struck. And then he disappeared completely. Now he’s resurfaced, and I can’t keep my eyes off him. He’s an island surrounded by lava, bound by a desert and guarded by dragons. I don’t stand a sunshine’s chance in a hail storm. Our siblings disagree and are out to prove it, nudging us into each other in the hopes we’ll fall. But with our town in tumult and the two of us firmly in the middle, nothing between us is easy. And when he’s faced with an impossible decision, I learn the truth of what I already knew. No one can have Keaton Meyer. And I have the broken heart to prove it.

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