The Marriage Solution
The Marriage Solution

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Release Date:November 28, 2023
Duration:7 hr, 46 min


My hot, fiercely protective best friend Landon just dropped to one knee in the middle of the Bellagio with the perfect solution to all my problems. After an unexpected diagnosis and a run of bad luck, I’m officially down and out. That is until my best friend of two decades offers me his name… and his health insurance. We’re in Vegas for someone else’s wedding. The last thing I ever expected was a proposal of my own—especially from Landon, my rock, my closest friend, even when we’re miles apart. He’s always been gorgeous, but, except for that drunken almost-kiss back in college, the only thing between us is friendship. What’s a marriage of convenience between pals? Besides, Landon lives hundreds of miles away. Nothing has to change. Right? Landon I popped the question, put a ring on it, and slapped Julie’s name on my health insurance policy. Problem solved. It’s supposed to be a marriage of convenience. However, when my job relocates me to New York, and I move in with my wife, I find out there’s nothing convenient about our arrangement. It all seemed so simple until the Elvis officiant said, “Kiss the bride.” The second our lips touched, nothing was ever the same.

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