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Release Date:May 30, 2023
Format:Single Narration
Duration:18 hr, 3 min

Exium screwed up…surprise, surprise...

In his attempt to save Hearthmire and make the surrounding land safe for Tialha, he made an even greater enemy than he ever thought possible. After an ultimatum of sorts, Exium must embark on a journey to the kingdom of Tolengard to broker peace or risk watching everything he worked for burn. Tialha is still getting used to having both her tank and name back within her control when the situation dictated circumstances and left her to rebuild from the ruins of the siege while managing a frightened population looking to her for direction. Separated again, Exium, Tialha, and Zeke will have to rely on old allies and make a few new ones to guarantee the survival of Hearthmire and everyone who calls this settlement their home.

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