Death's Mantle

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Release Date:May 28, 2024
Format:Single Narration
Duration:30 hr, 56 min

Contains all three books in the Death's Mantle series.

Lucian North's heart stops, and an ancient battle spanning Heaven and Hell ignites—with Lucian at its epicenter. Believed to be on death's doorstep, Lucian's fate takes an incredible turn when he confronts Death and becomes the grim reaper. Thrust into a spiritual world filled with fallen angels, demonic injuresouls, and savage Death Hunters, Lucian discovers an untapped reservoir of power, allowing him to conjure weapons and harness his knowledge of game mechanics to navigate his new reality. With great power comes formidable enemies and heartbreaking revelations. Lucian's quest to save his addict brother from a preordained death propels him into the heart of ancient conflicts, forcing him to forge and test alliances. As the series unfolds, Lucian must leverage his newfound abilities against a backdrop of cosmic war and familial secrets, risking everything to protect those he loves. Faced with loss, betrayal, and the dire consequences of his choices, Lucian's journey is a relentless pursuit of salvation that challenges the boundaries of sacrifice and the power of destiny. In this epic blend of dark fantasy and LitRPG, Lucian's odyssey is more than a fight for survival—it's a battle to preserve the essence of family and the hope of redemption across the sprawling tapestry of the afterlife. From Amazon bestseller Harmon Cooper, Death's Mantle: The Complete Series unfolds as a dark saga that plunges readers into a world where the boundaries between life and death blur. With influences ranging from Spawn to Parasyte and the existential musings of On a Pale Horse, this trilogy marries dark fantasy with LitRPG and isekai. A must-read for fans of LitRPG and those who revel in the interplay between the cosmic forces of good and evil, Death’s Mantle: The Complete Trilogy delivers an unforgettable journey through the realms of the afterlife, where the destiny of souls hangs in the balance. Narrated by Andrea Parsneau, famed narrator of _The Wandering Inn. _Book one won an Audiofile Earphone Award.

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