Fallin' for a Miami Hustla 2
Fallin' for a Miami Hustla 2
Fallin' for a Miami Hustla - Book 2

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Release Date:April 4, 2023
Duration:4 hr, 37 min

Do you know the saying, “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”?

The same is true for Nirvana Hart. She has been dealt a bad hand in life. After a bombshell was dropped on her doorstep, she’s just trying to deal with the reality of finding her daughter. As far as she is concerned, the worst is over, but it is only the beginning when more secrets come to light. The only thing she knows for sure is her feelings for Blaze Banks. As Blaze adjusts to his new life in Miami, secrets are revealed that he hasn’t anticipated. Everything that he thinks is true turns out to be a lie. In spite of his best efforts, he can’t handle the challenges alone. Luckily, Nirvana is by his side.

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