Dark Mirror

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Performed By:Greg Tremblay
Release Date:October 10, 2023
Format:Single Narration
Duration:9 hr, 29 min

Success is a killer...

Getting rich and unintentionally famous has its downsides. In Dante Jacoby's case, it's the beginning of a nightmare. After returning to San Francisco, a sorry-looking bank account forces him to take the plunge into entrepreneurship to fund his vigilantism. Thanks to wicked intelligence and a sickening work ethic, his novel spin on a nightlife venue takes off. Before he knows it, he’s an overnight success story. When online investigative sleuths pounce on paparazzi photos, Dante is publicly identified as the heir of the disgraced Jacoby crime family. Forced to release a statement denouncing his parents, he knows there will be far-reaching consequences as his anonymity is shattered. He thinks he’s braced for the worst, but he isn’t. A powerful figure makes contact from a side of the world he wasn’t even sure existed. "You think you’re special, Dante?" the man asks. "You think you’re Obelisk’s only project?"

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