Mercenary Marauder
Mercenary Marauder
Mercenary Mage - Book 2

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Performed By:Kevin Kemp
Release Date:August 1, 2023
Format:Single Narration
Duration:11 hr, 29 min

The Mercenary Mage is back.

Reeve has continued his war against the gods, building his empire and gathering his forces against the storm to come. They have built new ships, developed new technologies, and brought in new recruits. His friends and budding family are now in a better position than ever to create a galaxy safe for their own—even if that means conquering it in its entirety. Even with the developments on the material and science fronts, Reeve has been found lacking in his war against the gods and their machinations for the total annihilation of the universe. With this revelation, he has dedicated himself even further toward developing his magical might. But his discoveries may open a new front in his wars. This time, however, the most dangerous enemy may turn out to be himself. Between massive space battles and quiet infiltrations of enemy locations, Reeve and his allies will find themselves facing off against old enemies as well as making new ones. As new allies join his cause and old ones depart, the Mage will find himself questioning every action he takes, even as he moves himself and his budding empire into the future. Watch the Mage as he brings his Marauders to extinguish a universe of tyranny and evil, even as those working in the background continue to reveal themselves and their machinations. Even the Gods fear what lies in the shadows.

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