The Wizard's Crown
The Wizard's Crown
Art of the Adept - Book 5

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Release Date:December 13, 2022
Format:Single Narration
Duration:22 hr, 8 min

Will’s journey from naïve apprentice to a mature wizard is almost complete, and his ever-growing mastery has reached unseen heights.

But his power does not exist in a vacuum. His rising star threatens to eclipse the existing powers and a new balance must be found, one that either accepts his primacy or extinguishes his light. After Will’s resounding successes in the war with Darrow, the king plots to eliminate his young rival. Driven to desperation, Will is forced to negotiate for scraps between four brokers of power: An ancient lich driven by vengeance, the fae queen–to whom all are just pawns in a deadly game, a nervous lord of Hell–because Will may have killed his predecessor, twice, and a primal beast– feared above all. With mortal enemies as his allies, Will must survive to face the king...and the deadly secret he plans to unleash. Ancient foes have risen and the final battle has begun. With the world hanging in the balance, king and wizard clash, but only one can wear the Wizard’s Crown.

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