The Southern Trial

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Release Date:November 21, 2023
Format:Single Narration
Duration:7 hr, 15 min

The trial of the century has arrived.

After twenty years of anguish, after twenty years of pain, defense attorney Joe Hennessy has the chance to confront the man who ordered the murder of his ten-year-old son. In Charleston, South Carolina, Hennessy uncovers evidence that Senator Richard Longhouse has links to his son’s unsolved murder. Desperate to know the truth, Hennessy digs deep into the past, following the evidence trail into the criminal underworld. Clashing with corrupt cops, dishonest politicians, and ruthless felons, Hennessy uncovers information that has been buried for twenty years. But to find justice, to finally expose the truth, Joe Hennessy must risk everything he loves...

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