Crossroads of Fate
Crossroads of Fate
Cadicle - Book 5

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Performed By:Josh Bloomberg
Release Date:August 22, 2017
Format:Single Narration
Duration:11 hr, 34 min

The war's final battles are coming....

With the Primus Elites' training almost complete, Wil and his men relocate to H2 to make their final preparations. Everything seems to be staged for a swift TSS victory over the Bakzen as Wil assumes the position of TSS Supreme Commander with Saera and his most trusted friends by his side. But Tek won't let the Bakzen go down easily. He will find Wil's greatest weakness and do anything to make him crumble. The generations-old war began as a feud of races and ideals, but, with this fight, it's personal. Crossroads of Fate is the fifth installment in the Cadicle series. This character-driven novel chronicles the decisive space battles to end the war with the Bakzen so a new era for Tarans can begin.

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