This Used To Be About Dungeons: Volume 1
This Used To Be About Dungeons: Volume 1
This Used To Be About Dungeons - Book 1

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Release Date:September 12, 2023
Format:Single Narration
Duration:23 hr, 31 min

This is a tale that used to be about dungeons...

Now it's mostly about walking in the woods with a friend, looking for mushrooms to put in your soup. Maybe haggling with the squash seller, or taking care of a neglected garden, or even just putting some jam on a good shortbread biscuit. And yes, sometimes you still go down into the dungeons with your friends, and kill monsters there, disarm traps, avoid spiked pits etcetera, etcetera. But when you come out now, it's not really about the gold and loot. It's about realizing you've got a good cure for that old shepherd's cough, or maybe you even found the perfect magic trinket to give to the local kids who helped you out when your cat was sick.  Just remember that dungeons are always going to be there. Yes, sometimes you might need to make a journey to one of the Spirit Gates or a pilgrimage with the local Cleric of Symmetry to a holy shrine. But your tour through the local lairs can wait. There's a big world out there, a mostly tame place with lots of magic and even more to do and see... Join me, won't you?

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