Project Humanity Shutdown
Project Humanity Shutdown
Elirm - Book 1

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Release Date:December 19, 2023
Format:Single Narration
Duration:9 hr, 28 min

Humanity broke the System.

The AI Project sent out a warning that they would come after us. The only chance to save at least some of us is to relocate to a new world. No one is waiting for us out there, but we're ready to fight for our place and prove that we're worthy of being here. The moment the world's first functioning AI was created, a message flickered throughout the universe: Acquiring status report... Warning: 10 out of 10 warnings received Contact: Interference interdiction withdrawn Subject: Type Zero Civilization, Humanity Version 21A Verdict: Hazardous Hazard Category: AAA+ (maximum) Regulation: Project shutdown, total destruction of version 21A Sounds bad? It is. However, we will find a way to escape. And if the system does not want to help us, that is just fine; we will do it on our own. Welcome back to Elirm, Level 1 Human.

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