The Light of Eaglefriend
The Light of Eaglefriend
The Tale of Eaglefriend - Book 4

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Release Date:April 4, 2023
Format:Single Narration
Duration:10 hr, 46 min

"Better to reign in the dark than serve in the light."

Peace is the one thing for which the Eaglemasters never trained. Centuries of harsh conditioning made them doubt the dawn of this new era that now keeps the hordes of foes surrounding them at bay without a single drop of blood spilled. They crowned a king who proved most able to breathe life into that elusive flame. When He Who Lurks In The Shadows is finally unleashed upon the world after his thousand-year banishment, it soon becomes clear—they need worry no longer about the ghouls outside their walls. A new enemy is waiting to spring from every neighbor, every friend, every brother. As the sea of darkness flows over all shores, a lone torchbearer rises to hold it back. The closest bonds of family are torn. Ancient legends emerge in a battle for the ages. The epic Tale of Eaglefriend comes to an end.

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