A Game of Romance and Ruin
A Game of Romance and Ruin
Girl Games - Book 2

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Release Date:February 20, 2024
Duration:9 hr, 54 min

In a game of power, can love be the deadliest weapon?

Stirling Grey, legendary negotiator, is on a mission: to mend her broken heart and avenge its ruin. Morrigan Lee, hidden princess and heir to the throne, is harboring a dark secret. For years, Stirling and Morrigan navigated the perilous games of power and politics, shared clandestine moments, and ultimately fell in love... Until a deal with fate forced them apart. When the Queen sets a formidable challenge, Stirling and Morrigan are thrust into a treacherous labyrinth of danger. The task? Protect the kingdom from a terrifying threat or lose the crown forever. But this is not a simple mission. With the clock ticking, they're going to have to trust each other... And that's not easy when their past is filled with betrayal. It's even harder when their hearts are entangled amidst the chaos. Now, neither woman is sure if it's the throne they want to rescue or love they want to rekindle. Two hearts, one kingdom, and a romance that could lead to their ruin… or just maybe their redemption. This is a steamy lesbian fantasy romance with second chances, ruinous secrets, found family, a masquerade ball, a long con, and a love that could either shatter a kingdom or save it. Intended for mature listeners.

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