Rise of the Strongest Sovereign 3

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Performed By:Todd Haberkorn
Release Date:September 10, 2024
Format:Single Narration
Duration:Coming Soon

One man finds fame, fortune, and a powerful foe in a live-streamed dungeon crawl in the third entry of this action-packed LitRPG adventure series.

Being a hero after the apocalypse is serious business. Jason Lee is one of the select few on Earth who possess the abilities, weapons, and menagerie of monsters to face the plague of spawning dungeons sweeping the planet. With each of his campaigns live-streamed over the internet, he’s garnered fame and—with the help of his new manager, Mr. Wang—fortune.   Of course, becoming a celebrity also has its downsides: the griefers, the trolls. But things don’t get complicated until one of them interrupts a battle in real time. She’s known simply as “the queen,” and she’s been watching Jason’s every move . . .   For a hero-for-hire who depends on live streaming, a third party defeating his bosses is a problem. One he’ll have to fix—permanently.

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