The Necromancer's End
The Necromancer's End
The Necromancer's End - Book 1

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Performed By:Jay Aaseng
Release Date:June 4, 2024
Format:Single Narration
Duration:14 hr, 8 min

When a young necromancer stumbles into an adventuring party, he embarks on a year of danger and discovery that challenges him at every turn.

  Jeremiah Thorn is a necromancer who knows almost nothing about his calling—except that, though he’s just trying to survive, most people consider his magic to be the worst kind of evil. While attempting to explore a dungeon in hopes of claiming treasure, he instead finds a quirky band of professional adventurers who agree to include him in their quests, believing him to be simply a beginner.   With his peculiar toad familiar by his side, Jeremiah quickly learns to rely on new companions: human and half-elf alike. But despite his kindness and good attitude, his taboo power over the dead is soon exposed. Condemned to prison with only a slight chance of proving himself a worthy citizen, he faces a powerful elf named Vivica, a mysterious and nihilistic creature who’s more than she seems . . .   In the days that follow, everything Jeremiah believes is called into question. Thrust into one terrifying situation after another—from hard labor to a battle with a barbarian army—he finds his idealistic worldview shaken and his simple ideas of the nature of good and evil shattered, possibly forever.     Full of breathtaking exploits peppered with humor, The Necromancer’s End is the first book in an adventure series that’s perfect for fans of Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman.   The first volume of the hit fantasy-adventure series—with more than 250,000 views on Royal Road—now available on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and Audible! 

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